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Company Name: Chase

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington         

General Customer Service Number: 1-800-432-3117  

Website: www.chase.com

Here’s a little bit more about Chase:

Chase is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States. With its operation in 60 countries. Chase offers 3 different credit cards with different benefits. Chase Ink cards have many benefits as well. Here is a list of the three benefits that come with the Ink Card. The first one is Jot. It is a free mobile business app. It allows you to track purchases, print custom reports, tag purchases and receive alerts and much more. The second is Ink Ultimate Rewards. It allows you to redeem rewards for gift cards,cash back, travel and much more. The third is Ink Insider Offers. These are offers that only Ink members can receive from travel companies, Google, webinars, rentals and much more.

ATTENTION: Please go the site directly to verify and confirm the details and obtain more information.

If you are a new Chase Ink customer and need assistance, please review the steps below. We have listed an easy summary of steps that are required to complete the activation of your Chase Ink credit card Online.

What you need to complete the activation your Chase Ink Card online:

  • Device with internet.
  • Email Address and phone number
  • Social Security Number
  • Chase account number

Steps to Follow:

  1. Go to: www.chase.com/ink
  2. Click the “Log In or Enroll” link at the top of the page.
  3. Click the h=green button “Enroll Now”.
  4. Provide all of the information needed on the “Identification” page.
  5. Provide all of the information needed on the “Identification Code”  page.
  6. Provide all of the information needed on the “Password” page.
  7. Provide all of the information needed on the Legal Agreements” page.
  8. Provide all of the information needed on the “Services” page.
  9. Once you have provided all the information that is required then you should come to a confirmation page that states that you have successfully activated your Chase Ink Credit Card online.

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