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Company Name: History (Channel)

Headquarters:  New York City, New York, United States       

General Customer Service Number: 212-210-1400

Website:  www.history.com

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Here’s a little bit more about the History Channel:

The History Channel was made available in 1995. It is owned by A&E Networks which was founded in 1984. Some of the shows aired on the History Channel are:

  • Vikings
  • Kingtfall
  • History Vault
  • Hunting Hitler
  • Buried
  • The Curse of Oak Island
  • Swamp People
  • Days That Shaped America
  • American Pickers
  • Pawn Stars
  • Counting Cars
  • 10 Things You Don’t Know About
  • Alcatraz: Search for the Truth
  • Alaska Off-Road Warriors
  • Alone
  • America Unearthed
  • America the Story of Us
  • America’s Book of Secrets
  • America’s Secret Slang
  • America’s War on Drugs
  • America: Promised Land
  • American Enthusiast: Drive
  • American Enthusiast: Outdoors
  • American Jungle
  • American Restoration
  • American Ripper
  • Ancient Aliens
  • Ancient Discoveries
  • Ancient Impossible
  • Ax Men
  • Big Easy Motors
  • Cajun Pawn Stars
  • Down East Dickering
  • Forged in Fire
  • Gangland Undercover
  • Hangar 1
  • Hatfields & McCoys
  • Ice Road Truckers
  • IRT Deadliest Roads
  • Life After People
  • Modern Marvels
  • Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy
  • Pawnography
  • Stan Lee’s Superhumans
  • Top Shot
  • UFO Hunters
  • Knights Templar and the Holy Grail

ATTENTION: Please go the site directly to verify and confirm the details and obtain more information.

If you are a wanting to activate your device to have the History Channel, follow and review the steps below. We have listed an easy summary of steps that are required to complete the activation of the HISTORY Channel to your device online.

What you need to complete the activation of adding the HISTORY Channel to your device Online:

  • Device with internet.
  • The current cable company you use.
  • Valid username and password.
  • Other information.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Go to: www.history.com/activate.
  2. Select your device: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or Roku.
  3. Select your TV provider.
  4. Enter in your activation code (found on your device screen) into the field provided.
  5. Click on the “CONTINUE” button to verify your account with your TV provider.
  6. Login using the same login that you have with your TV provider to verify your account.
  7. Continue to move forward and provide any other required information until you receive your activation confirmation

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