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Company Name: LG

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

General Customer Service Number: 1-800-243-0000        

Website: www.lgusa.com

Here’s a little bit more about LG:

LG was formerly Goldstar and was founded in 1958. In 1995 LG was renamed as LG Electronics. LG has an array of services and products such as tablets, phones, TV’s, computer products and audio systems.

ATTENTION: Please go the site directly to verify and confirm the details and obtain more information.

If you are a new LG consumer, please review the steps below. We have listed an easy summary of steps that are required to complete the registration of your product.

What you need to complete the LG Product Registration:

  • Device with internet.
  • Other personal Information.
  • Details about product.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Go to www.lgusa.com/register
  2. Go to the bottom and click “product category”.
  3. There will be a box that you can drop and fro there click “product type”.
  4. Go to “product type”.
  5. Click on the “model number” from the list.
  6. Find the “Get Started” button and click that.
  7. Put in your email address.
  8. Find the red button that states “Next”
  9. Put in your name and address in the blanks.
  10. Put in your contact information.
  11. Make up a password and fill in space.
  12. Go to the “Next” button
  13. Fill out serial number on product.
  14. Fill out the store information where the item was purchased.
  15. Fill out the date of purchase.
  16. Finally, click on the red button that states “Complete Product Registration”
  17. Find your confirmation.

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