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Company Name: Jackson Hewitt

Headquarters: Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

General Customer Service Number: 1-800-234-1040

Website: www.jacksonhewitt.com

Here’s a little bit more about Jackson Hewitt:

Jackson Hewitt is a tax service that has been helping its customers since 1982. They were founded in Norfolk, Virginia and the headquarters is in Jersey City, New Jersey. One of the options available for Jackson Hewitt customer is when they get their taxes done through them they have the option to upload their tax refund to and American  Express Serve Card.  There are many benefits such as no credit check, no hidden fees, no minimum balance, free online bill pay, free online account to manage funds and many more.

ATTENTION: Please go the site directly to verify and confirm the details and obtain more information.

If you have received an American Express Serve Card  and you need assistance with your activation, follow the steps below. We have listed an easy summary of steps that are required to activate your American Express Serve Card online.


What you need to complete the Activation of your American Express Serve Card:

  • Device with internet.
  • Other Personal Information.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Go to: www.serve.com/jacksonhewitt
  2. Look around and find out information about the American Express Serve Card.

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